Progetto Piano Terra
The restoration project of the Ponente Tollhouse sought to maintain the historic architectural features of the building while optimising its functionality. New architectural elements have been carefully introduced to differentiate the innovation from the historical pre-existence.
The glass walls separating the colonnade and the two monumental entrances to Piazza Sempione, beyond the glass roof of the winter garden, are fundamental adaptations to fulfil the scope of the project. The minimum visual impact of the double glazing supports and the maintaining of the recesses and the main architectural profiles do not visually modify the relationship between the solids and voids of the external volume, ensuring the interior is very bright.
The atrium, with direct access from the outside, is a suggestive volume with a square plan, Flamed Beola paving and a vaulted roof overlooking the balconies of the first floor and the newly constructed steel and glass walkway.
In addition to the atrium and vestibule are a further nine rooms that can be freely set-up for different uses. A control room manages lighting, projections and sounds. Basic equipment is provided, to be implemented according to the needs of each event.
The ground floor is connected to the first floor by a newly constructed elevator and two historic staircases, and is equipped with a heating and cooling system.
Ground floor area measurements:
Atrium, vestibule and covered courtyard 250 sq m; stairs and elevator 30 sq m; entrance, rooms and bathrooms 230 sq m; totalling approx. 510 sq m.
Progetto Piano Primo
Connected to the ground floor by two staircases and a newly built elevator, the upper level of the Ponente Tollhouse has been developed from a square structure, and like the ground floor has followed the guiding principle of minimising the modifications in order to safeguard the original appearance. Each stairway leads to one of the two balconies, both supported by shelves and stone balustrades. These elegant features, contributing to the neoclassical language of the monument, are connected by a suspended glass and steel walkway which provides a unique view of the ground floor and exterior.
The balconies provide access to five rooms: three to the west, adjacent to the hemicycle and arranged in succession to one another with interesting perspectives; and two rooms to the east, overlooking the double-height vestibule of the ground floor. All the rooms have large window openings guaranteeing excellent natural light, and can be set up and fine-tuned according to the specific needs of the event.
The first floor is equipped with a heating and cooling system.
First floor area measurements:
Balconies 30 sq m; stairs and elevator 25 sq m; rooms, bathrooms and offices 153 sq m; totalling approx. 208 sq m.